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02 August 2014 @ 09:41 pm
Popping Candy ू  
Title: 🍬 Popping Candy 🍬
Author: VanillaIcex3
Genre: Romance, fluff, idek.
Rated: NC-17, PURE SMUT
Disclaimer: Poppity pop pop pop. Mmm.
Pairing: Yunjae
temp (1)

To celebrate their one year anniversary, Yunho once again booked an expensive hotel room for them. It was right after when they both finished their final exams for the year and they were feeling pretty good.

“Yun, let’s go eat first.” Jaejoong was fastening his seat belt as he spoke. He knew beneath that goody two shoes face was a horny beast that was always coming after him silently.

He rolled his eyes as he remembered the time when Yunho just pulled him out of class and did it in the locked student council room. When he asked why so sudden afterwards it was because Yunho thought of something that turned him on so hard to write for his fiction.

“Couldn’t you have just done this after class?” Jaejoong wanted to punch his boyfriend’s straight face but he couldn’t, because he loves that face.

“So what, it turned you on when I made love to you bent over this desk.”  Yunho ran his fingers along the desk where he worked and massaged Jaejoong’s thighs with his other hand.

“I don’t even know why I’m hopelessly in love with you.”

“… Fine.” Yunho turned back around to the nearby restaurants and went to their favourite restaurant.

Jaejoong softly smirked as his plan was going well and was led to the restaurant with Yunho grabbing his hand.

They were led into the room that was slightly hidden because the waitress knew they liked their privacy. They took off their shoes before stepping into the room.
Yunho ordered for both of them while Jaejoong played with his fingers again.

“Eat faster when the food comes.” Yunho’s thumb stroked gently over the fingers that were intertwined with his own.

“Such an unromantic.” Jaejoong pecked his boyfriend’s lips and got pushed down onto the mat. Yunho slipped his tongue in when he had the chance to and used his hand to grab Jaejoong’s head to make the kiss deeper.

“Babe, I’m actually physically hungry.” Jaejoong panted as Yunho’s tongue dragged across the pearly whites.

Yunho just teasingly flicked his tongue against the pouty lips before grabbing his lover’s small waist to pull him up.

“I’m going to the washroom, I’ll be right back.” Jaejoong gently kissed Yunho again before going out of the room to get what he wanted.

Jaejoong walked out of the restaurant smirking and quickly went to the nearest store. He already had the handcuffs hidden somewhere in his bag, I’ll get you this time babe, this time!!!’

He walked to the candy section and looked at all the flavours. He grabbed a few small packets of mint and strawberry flavoured candy and smirked as he paid for them. He ran back to the restaurant with the candy hiding in his jacket and calmed himself before going back into their room.

“Where did you go?” Yunho looked at his lover with a suspicious look and grabbed his jean’s back pocket to pull him down onto his laps. He slipped his hand into the back pocket and cupped his butt.

“Behave yourself, babe…” Jaejoong struggled in Yunho’s arm and pouted when he couldn’t move away.

“Answer.” Yunho squeezed even harder.

“Washroom, where else?”

“You’re not pregnant are you?” Yunho asked with a straight face.

“Yeah, I am. Stop squeezing my butt, our baby doesn’t like it.” Jaejoong sarcastically replied and pushed Yunho’s hand out of his back pocket.

The food eventually came and Jaejoong was trying to avoid Yunho’s foot going in between his legs while eating. Jaejoong thought angrily as he kept repeating the plan of how to cuff Yunho later on and torture him slowly.

“Heheheee.” Jaejoong evilly laughed out loud and covered his mouth when he saw Yunho looking at him.

“Concentrate on driving, stop trying to touch me! We have the whole damn night, babe.” Jaejoong always wondered why his man could not stop touching him when they were alone, but he guessed that he’s irresistible.

“Not enough, we could have started since lunch.” Yunho commented and continued to reach his hand across and squeezing and caressing his boyfriend’s thighs.

“You won’t be able to do it anyway!” Jaejoong stopped trying, and let Yunho play with his thighs. He felt a shiver when he said it and looked at Yunho’s dark expression.

“Really…” Yunho had a smirk on and patted Jaejoong’s thigh lovingly.

Yunho parked the car and went in together with Jaejoong. Jaejoong was surprised that Yunho booked this hotel instead of the other one that they used to go to, he wasn't familiar with this hotel at all since they drove pretty far away from their home.

“Babe, don’t we have to check in?” Jaejoong was confused and Yunho just slipped his fingers in between Jaejoong’s and walked to the elevator.

“You’re talking a lot today.” Yunho swiped the card that goes to the top floor and stroked his thumb gently over his boyfriend’s.

“So gentle today, our baby Ho.” Jaejoong smiled and hugged his lover.

“Won’t be saying that later.” Yunho replied in a whisper and smiled when he felt his boyfriend shivered a bit.

“I still want to walk after this, babe” Jaejoong commented as he heard the elevator doors opening. He walked backwards as Yunho walked forward, and he looked around and gasped at the surroundings.

“Like it?” Yunho smiled softly as he looked at Jaejoong’s excited face and pecked his lips.

“Yeah, like it so much.” Jaejoong giggled and palmed his boyfriend’s face between his hands and gave him a big smooch.

“Let’s…” Yunho started to take off his jacket and shoes. He stared at Jaejoong like a predator and stripped faster.

“Yah! I-I’m going to shower first!!!” Jaejoong screamed as he ran off with his bag towards the bathroom. He had imaginary black lines on his forehead when he saw the glass wall for the bathroom. He closed the white door and saw a naked Yunho looking at him with a smirk. He sighed when his boyfriend decided to lie down with his head propped on his hand on the couch that’s not too far away from the glass wall.

‘-_-, he looks like a lazy cat with his tail slowly tapping the couch or something.’ Jaejoong thought to himself and found there were clothing hooks on the glass wall. He quickly hung his jacket across and hoped that he could hide the stuff that he brought for Yunho.

Jaejoong just quickly stripped out of all of his clothes and heard Yunho whistling at him. He turned around with his ass facing Yunho’s way and started to go through the things in his bag. He took out all of his skincare bottles first then he looked for his naughty underwear. He made sure everything was hidden then he turned on the shower.

His heart was pounding in his chest as he repeated his steps to trick Yunho then cuffing his hands. He moaned softly when his fingers touched the sensitive places on his body. He turned his body around to see if Yunho was still staring at him and he locked his gaze with his boyfriend as his touched himself lewdly.
Jaejoong finally got all the conditioner out of his hair and ran his fingers through his wet hair knowing that it will drive his boyfriend crazier. He can already see that Yunho was getting impatient because his brows were furrowed together. He got out his naughty underwear and bunched it in his hand first then he hid behind the jacket and slipped it on quickly. He grabbed the bathrobe and wore it.

He rummaged through his bag again and slipped the candies and handcuffs into the bathrobe. He made sure to hide it properly and put his skincare things on his face and body. He finally opened the door and sees Yunho staring at him.

“What’s the point of this when I’m going to take it off.” Yunho slipped his arms around Jaejoong’s body and tried to pull him close.

“Behave…” Jaejoong pushed Yunho towards the bed and was silently celebrating that he was able to get Yunho lying on the bed first. He climbed higher to look at Yunho’s eyes and ran his hand through the pinkish mauve locks.



“Close your eyes.” Jaejoong spoke as soft as he could trying to trick Yunho and he slowly took out the fluffy handcuffs from his bathrobe when he saw Yunho obediently closing his eyes. He quickly cuffed his hands together and Yunho snapped his eyes open.

Jaejoong threw the candies out on the bed, and pulled his bathrobe up so he could grind his ass against Yunho’s erection.

“Babe~ Can you guess what I’m wearing?” Jaejoong teasingly said.

“Fuck, uncuff me.” Yunho knew what his lover was wearing under that bathrobe, and he wanted to get his hands on him.

“No.” Jaejoong replied, he untied the bathrobe slowly and slipped out of it with it pooling around his legs.

“Got your favourite~” Jaejoong showed Yunho the candies he got earlier. He ripped one of the strawberry packages open and dumped it in his mouth. He immediately leaned down and kissed Yunho.
Pop. Pop. Pop.
The sweet strawberry taste was exchanged between their mouths and Yunho groaned as he tried to make the kiss deeper with his cuffed hands pressing down on Jaejoong’s head. Their tongues met each other’s and they tried to savour the little sparks of popping in their mouths.

“L-let me free.” Yunho panted as he was catching his breath from the kiss and arched his hips up to grind against Jaejoong’s ass. He looked down and felt his cock twitch, if his hands were free he would have pinned his boyfriend down and untie that little corset off.

“Do you really think so?” Jaejoong’s mouth was slightly red from Yunho’s occasional nibbling on his lips. He grabbed more of the pink packages and ripped them open. He dumped some on Yunho’s nipples and belly button.

“My baby Ho is so delectable…” Jaejoong mumbled and pushed the bathrobe onto the floor. His hair dripped some water onto one of the nipples.
Pop. Pop. Pop.
“Nngh.” Yunho writhed on the bed when he felt the little sparks on his nipples. Jaejoong licked from the tiny pieces of hair that led to Yunho’s penis and left a wet trail to the nipples. He lapped his tongue around the dark nipple that was already wet from the droplets from his wet hair and pulled it with his teeth. The little pops in his mouth made him want more excitement.

Jaejoong dipped his tongue in the little mountain of candy on the other nipple, and felt the candy melt immediately on his tongue making the sparks again. His mouth sucked on the nipple and laying his tongue flat to let the little sparks go on the nipple while his other hand pinched and pulled on the wet nipple that his mouth was just on.

Pop. Pop. Pop.
Boo, let me go!” Yunho couldn’t stop moaning and writhing on the bed with all the little sparks going off on his body.

“The best part is not even here yet… ” Jaejoong wiped his lips gently with his finger and used that finger to swipe across Yunho’s lips.

“Eh?~ Naughty naughty…” Jaejoong felt a trail of wetness on his belly and saw that Yunho’s precum was slowly dripping off his penis.


“Not working.” Jaejoong gave Yunho’s erection a few pumps and was satisfied with the reaction. He leaned down again and continued where he left off with the candy. He giggled when he saw Yunho’s abdomen contracted when he licked around the belly button.

“So sweet…” Jaejoong’s lips were a dark pinkish colour from eating the candy, he just let the candy do its magic on Yunho’s sensitive belly button after making it wet.

“Where’s the lube?” Jaejoong jumped off the bed to find the lube.

“Jae! Let me go!” Yunho was growling at how sexy his boyfriend looked with that naughty underwear tight on his ass.

“Not the answer I wanted~” Jaejoong bent down to rummage through Yunho’s bag and made sure to give a good view of his ass for him to look at.

“Fuck! In the pocket!” Yunho struggled with his hands trying to get up but when he got up; Jaejoong came back to push him down again.

“Wonder how this would taste with these?~” Jaejoong shook the light blue packets of the candy in his hand.

“Aww, poor baby is so hard.” Jaejoong petted Yunho’s erection like a pet and opened the lube.
Jaejoong poured the mint flavoured lube onto his hands and coated it generously on his lover’s penis. He ripped all the mint flavoured candy packages open and sprinkled it over the erection.

“I made sure to get a lot more of these~” Jaejoong held the penis head and poured a generous amount of the candy on it. His thumb pressed gently on the slit and felt the candy slowly melting with the lube.
Pop. Pop. Pop.
“Nng, nngg!” Yunho screamed loudly as he felt the sparks everywhere going off on his erection with a strong tingle from the mint.

“Babe~ You ready?” Jaejoong dumped all the remaining candy on his slick hand and wrapped it around the proud and twitching erection. He opened his mouth and enclosed his mouth on the penis head. He sucked hard and moaned when he felt all the candy popping at once in his mouth against the penis. His hand with the candy pumped slowly, creating friction with the slightly melted candy with the lube on the erection.

“Ahh, Boo. S-so good. Faster!” Yunho grabbed some of Jaejoong’s blonde locks with his cuffed hands and pulled it.

Jaejoong sucked in his cheeks and bobbed his head up and down. He relaxed his throat and let the penis slide in further. Most of the candy was popping all at once now, he closed his throat gently making soft licks around the penis.
As Yunho arched his back, the thick hair tickling his nose softly and Jaejoong giggled softly, sending vibrations onto the erection and felt it twitch even more.

Yunho’s penis was feeling hot and cold from the tingly sensation that the mint is giving him. He felt the hot mouth leaving his penis and groaned loudly. He was almost over the edge and he wanted the feeling again. He shuddered when he felt Jaejoong licking the base of his cock which he couldn’t reach with his mouth before and some of the leftover popping candy was left and his tongue teasingly flicked on the veins of the penis.

“Yun is so tasty…” Jaejoong moaned as he grabbed the sacs with his candy slicked hand and rubbed the remaining candy onto them. He buried his nose into the hair and sucked on the balls. After the popping sensation was all gone, he resumed on sucking and pumping Yunho’s erection.

“Faster! Boo, I-I’m …” Yunho let out a grunt as he came into Jaejoong’s mouth. The spurts of cum got onto Jaejoong’s face as well.

Jaejoong let go as soon as he felt cum in his mouth and let the spurts go on his face. Then, he sucked the remaining that was dripping out from the penis. He climbed back up to kiss Yunho, to let him taste the sweetness from the candy and himself.

“Only calling me Boo when you really want something.” Jaejoong pouted as he grind his ass on Yunho’s rising cock again.

“Unlock it.” Yunho gained some of his senses back and commanded.

“Maybe~ Say you love me.” Jaejoong was somewhat impatient as to what Yunho will do to him later.

“... then you’ll unlock me?”

“Say it, you never say it.” Jaejoong gently whispered.

“Kim Jaejoong, I love you.” Yunho replied sincerely.

“I love you too, my Yunho” Jaejoong kissed him lovingly and pulled out the key from under the pillow and unlocked the cuffs. As soon as he was done, he was flipped over immediately.

“Such a damn tease.” Yunho palmed his hand over Jaejoong’s erection that was already poking dangerously against the corset.

“Mmm, only your tease.” Jaejoong grinded against the warm hand and smiled cheekily.

Yunho rubbed his thumb on the head slowly, wiped some of the precum off and slipped his thumb into the corset that looks like it is going to burst soon. He smirked when Jaejoong lifted his body to grind against his hand, and pushed his hips down to stop him.

“Babe, faster.” Jaejoong pouted when he got pushed down and tried to untie the bow that tied the front of his corset underwear.

“No.” Yunho slapped Jaejoong’s hands away, “get up and turn around, and prepare yourself for me.” He smirked when he felt a paper packaging beneath the pillow behind him as he watched Jaejoong obediently kneeled on the bed with his cheek against the pillow and mumbling things like ‘meanie, pervert who only enjoys seeing me naked…’.

Yunho slapped Jaejoong’s ass softly as a reward for listening to him and ran his finger hard against the black corset that was covering his boyfriend’s ass. He pushed his index finger through the tight corset and slipped it in between where the butt cheeks meet. He teasingly pushed his finger up and down between the cheeks and rubbed the tip of his finger against the hole.

“Come on, you know what you need to do.” Yunho gently pushed the tip of his finger into the hole and earned a soft mewl from Jaejoong.

“Don’t wanna, pervert.” Jaejoong wriggled his butt in hopes of trying to get Yunho’s finger out of the tight space in his panty.

“Hmm?” Yunho grabbed the front of Jaejoong’s panty and pulled it hard against his direction. Jaejoong’s legs quivered and the pale fingers tried to find the bow that was at the back to untie it.

“Mean babe.” Jaejoong complained as his finger finally found the small loop of the bow and started to untie the back side of the corset.

Yunho leaned over him and grabbed the hand that was almost half way done untying the corset. He guided Jaejoong’s finger where he wanted and kissed his shoulder blade.

Jaejoong flushed into a dark pink as he felt his own finger hovering over his own hole and slowly slipped his finger in.

“Nng, Yunho.” Jaejoong moaned loudly when he felt Yunho licking the finger that went in and out of his hole.

“Come on, boo.” Yunho encouraged his boyfriend with his hands stroking the pale thighs softly.

“Th-then give me the lu-lube, asshole.” Jaejoong felt like his legs would give out on him soon from Yunho’s teasing hands. He felt one hand leave his thigh and felt the cool liquid running down his fingers and butt.

“If you don’t hurry I’ll stick them in for you.” Yunho squeezed Jaejoong’s crotch softly and smirked when Jaejoong’s second finger went in.

Jaejoong grunted and quickly pumped his two fingers in and out. He gasped when he felt Yunho’s finger joined and felt his cock twitch in excitement. He furrowed his brows as the front corset against his erection was getting unbearable and pulled his wet fingers out to try taking his panty off.

“Ho!” Jaejoong complained when Yunho grabbed his hands and pulled it above his head.

“Mmm? What do you want me to do?” Yunho’s other hand was still busy pumping his fingers in and out so Jaejoong wouldn’t feel that much pain when he goes in.

“Ta-take it off.” Jaejoong writhed and mewled loudly as Yunho’s fingers went faster.

“Yeah right.” Yunho whispered into his ear and licked it. He pulled his fingers out and quickly and he poured lube onto his hand. He smirked as he coated his erection with lube and grabbed the last packet of candy.

“Wha-what are you doing babe?” Jaejoong turned his head towards the back and saw Yunho ripping the paper package with his teeth.

“No no no no you’re not doing this!” Jaejoong stared at Yunho’s smile as he watched him pour the sweet candy onto his cock. Jaejoong heard the familiar soft popping sound and Yunho thrust his cock right into Jaejoong.

“A-ah! Ho.. babe.. you as-“ Jaejoong screamed loudly when he felt his insides filled with the familiar hotness but was cut off by his lover’s kiss. His hands were let free as Yunho held his hips while thrusting vigorously into him.
Pop. Pop. Pop.
Nn-nng. H-ho, fas-sster. Hah…” Jaejoong’s hands were grabbing the bed sheets tightly as he pushed back against Yunho’s thrusts. He felt the candy pop against his insides with the tingling sensations, and felt like he was going to die from pleasure.

“Never seen you so erotic like this, boo.” Yunho grunts as he was feeling  the same way with Jaejoong’s wall clamping onto his cock.

“S-stop talking like this.” Jaejoong’s moans got louder and louder as the candy worked its magic.

“Why? Don’t you love it when I dirty talk you.” Yunho paused for a moment and flipped Jaejoong onto his back to face him.

“So wet down here.” Yunho slowed down his thrusts and palmed Jaejoong’s erection.

“Babe, let me take it off please.” Jaejoong whimpered and his eyes were teary from all the pleasure he is feeling.

“Beg for it.” Yunho’s fingers danced skillfully on the panty and slipped one of his fingers under to rub against the erection.

“Yunho samaaaaaaa. P-please take it off for me, I-I’m a … a… bad boy.” Jaejoong’s face was getting redder by the second.

“Mhm.” Yunho slipped out and just took off Jaejoong’s panty in a matter of seconds. He threw the wet panty somewhere across the room and heard Jaejoong sigh in relief.

“Miss me?” Yunho lifted Jaejoong’s legs onto his shoulder and thrust right into the sweet hole.

Jaejoong screamed when Yunho hit the sweet spot and laced his fingers with one of Yunho’s hands. He wrapped his legs around the tanned male’s waist and smashed their lips together.

“Mmf, mm.” Yunho tightened his hold on Jaejoong’s hand as he knew he hit the right spot over and over again. He sucked on Jaejoong’s tongue in their deep kiss and felt that they were both close to orgasm.

“Mmahh!” Jaejoong yelled out from their kiss as he came all over their bodies and leaned up to peck Yunho repeatedly until he felt his insides filled with cum.

“Boo… so good.” Yunho rode out his orgasm as he circled his arms around Jaejoong’s body. He stroked the blonde locks between his fingers lovingly and pulled his cock out.

“Yunho…” Jaejoong spoke in between his kisses against Yunho’s lips and shoulder. He looked up as Yunho’s fingers stopped brushing his hair.

“Happy anniversary, dumb bear.” Jaejoong smiled and gave Yunho a kiss filled with love.

“Happy anniversary, boo.” Yunho returned the same loving smile.

“… we’re so sticky.” Jaejoong snuggled against Yunho; while poking and pressing his lover’s dark nipple for fun.

“Who told you to play with candy?” Yunho’s hand tightened on the small waist and chuckled when Jaejoong hid his face in his chest.

“Your fault.” Jaejoong mumbled and smacked Yunho’s butt.

Yunho just patted Jaejoong’s butt softly, and got up to take both of them to shower; but not before he shamelessly called the front desk with a straight face that they needed their bed sheets changed.

“I still don’t know why you do it with a straight face.” Jaejoong spoke under the shower leaning against Yunho.

“I own the place, why not.” Yunho rested his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder and nuzzled into his neck.

“………. Yah yah yah yah!!!!!!!!!!!” Jaejoong suddenly noticed something and snapped his eyes open.

“What.” Yunho furrowed his brows as the moment was destroyed.

“We’re both naked in a glass bathroom, you do know that right?” Jaejoong gasped.

“You’re still as stupid, huh.” Yunho reached out to press a button, and sighed as he watched the outer glass become black.

“We should try this one day…” Yunho smirked as he watched Jaejoong’s shocked face, and saw the maids changing their bed sheets with no one looking at them or screaming at them.

“My dumb bunny.”
Yunho watched Jaejoong’s sleeping face as he pulled out a box and slipped a ring onto the pale beauty’s finger.  He smiled and took a picture of their couple rings.
@bornfreeonekiss Happy Anniversary Boo.
The retweets and favourites exploded all over their twitter accounts after a few seconds about how sweet they were and how their Jaejoong sama melted Yunho Sama’s heart…

credits: to whoever. I googled it.


Vanilla meows: Hello hello people. If you were wondering where this came from, this is the part of Uknow Sama's series(?). This took forever simply because I am...... lazy busy. No really I'm busy with life and health problems. This would have been out in February but I stopped half way for the smut LOL. Smut drains energy. I don't even know anymore if I write good smut so please bear with me because... you know I spent time on this.
Today is 七夕情人節 = Lunar (?) Valentine's Day. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, YUNJAE. Daddy!Ho you finally spoke about Jae!Umma and of course being the biggest fanboy of himself and Ho, he would respond (evil laughs). Ahhh my yunjae heart is filled with pink love bubbles and kirakira again.♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

P.S. Never become an accountant, it's so fucking boring. (If you are one, I applaud you for being in this industry(?).)

(If you see any red letters that's because wing_ting_chan looked over my 3am blabber of a smut so lol.)
(I also gave up on the white background... bear with it.)

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